Free Anti Spam Software

Spamko is a mail checker and spam blocker. With Spamko, your e-mail is now safer and easier to sort. Thanks to the built-in features, you can now safely let Spamko classify e-mail!

  • Supports an unlimited number of accounts
  • Automatic import of Outlook and Outlook Express accounts
  • Automatic import of Outlook address book
  • Account wizard for setting up your personalized e-mail accounts
  • Show number of messages directly on the tray icon
  • Different notification sound for each account
  • Different check interval for each account (optional)
  • Quickly preview a message
  • Delete messages from server without downloading them
  • Rules that identify a message according to your criteria, then does one of these actions:
  • Play different notification sound
  • Delete from the server
  • Ignore (don't notify) certain messages
  • Run any EXE file
  • Wildcard support in rule criteria
  • System wide hot-keys for most functions
  • Rotating tray icon to show number of messages in each account
  • Sort messages in any order
  • Optional password protection to view messages
  • Different message icons to quickly identify new messages
  • Allow and block lists for easier e-mail classification
  • Automatic reply to unknown messages
  • Block empty or virus-like messages
  • Reply using your default e-mail client